By Ian Bremner

Mike Coykendall knows a thing or two. He’s also aware enough to know it’s ok to say “I Don’t Know.” Folks in and outside of the Portland area look to Coykendall for his knowledge, tasteful ear and musical accompaniment, and while he is generous with his time and skill, he is the first to admit “I found, and still find, “I Don’t Know” to be the most honest answer I can give to many questions. I once thought I knew a little bit more, and I still have some hunches and theories, but they are like unraveling a bag of old thread.”

Originally from Kansas, Coykendall moved to Portland in 1999 after a stint in the Bay Area. He quickly set up shop in the form of a recording studio and has built an impressive roster of collaborators. She & Him, M. Ward, Beth Orton, Richmond Fontaine, Tin Hat Trio, Blitzen Trapper, and Bright Eyes have all worked with Mike. Over the years, he has become a stalwart in the Portland music scene and has helped guide the young and blossoming careers of artists like Taylor Kingman, Sallie Ford and Tommy Alexander. He is a hero to many of the artists in the Northwest, so his new record comes as a celebration of sorts.

The lead single, “I Don’t Know” is a punchy, catchy rock n roll tune recorded at Singing Sands Studio and Blue Rooms in Portland, OR. Take a listen to the track premier today.

The Dirt and the Dust, due out November 11th on Bandpa Records