Margo Cilker - Pohorylle

By Ian Bremner

Few places in the world are more naturally beautiful than the forests and hills of Oregon. Margo Cilker has lived across many time zones for a time, but her songs are deeply rooted from the soil of the Pacific Northwest. As our chilled hands feel the season change from autumn to winer, Cilker’s record Pohorylle is hitting our ears at the perfect time.

Cilker has been traveling the world singing her songs in dive bars, on stages and in grassy fields. Her words strike many chords all humans posses. Something feels incredibly vivid about the subjects of her songs. Every song takes you somewhere you’ve been before, whether you have actually been or not. You don’t need to know Kevin Johnson to know “Kevin Johnson.” Cilker has a magical touch where every word choice feels thoughtful, but free flowing and easy. A song like Broken Arm in Oregon can break your heart anywhere.

Pohorylle is a record to be enjoyed no matter where you stand on the globe, but the warmth and life of it all feels best served in the upper left corner of the country near a river with all the wine in the world.

Listen/Buy Margo Cilker’s record Pohorylle out now on Fluff & Gravy Records