Lara Bennett, the brainchild behind Petal Motel has put together an amazing collection of music, but an even more impressive project. The digital album titled, Compassion: A Petal Motel Compilation for Human Rights is available Friday March 3rd on Bandcamp and all proceeds go to the National Network of Abortion Funds.

Petal Motel has become the go-to source for ambient, acoustic, atmospheric music over the last several years and Compassion will not disappoint. It’s 32 tracks, with a 2:48 runtime of gorgeous sounds to get lost in. Sourced from submissions all over the world and internet, its’ contributors boast the likes of Bobby Lee, Scott Hirsch, SUSS, Holland Hopson, Daytime Moon and many more.

Spending time with this project will remind you of the beauty and humanity that still thrives in our world. No action is too small when it comes to standing against freedoms being stripped away out of fear, hate or misunderstanding and music can be a powerful source of empathy. Here’s to keeping an open ear and open heart.

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