By Ian Bremner

Without the specifics of time and place, here’s my Thursday afternoon: I find out Those Darlins did short session for KEXP while they were at Pickathon in Portland. I watch all three songs and keep seeing “Hiss Golden Messenger” along the right sidebar for suggested videos. First, I had just finished the Mac DeMarco and Those Darlins sessions, so I was in a very trusting mood of the whole unplugged KEXP/Pickathon stuff. Secondly, Hiss Golden Messenger’s name alone was the last piece of intrigue I needed. I finally clicked on the song, Mahogany Dread. I silently say to myself, “whoawhoawhoa whuu?” Song ends.

In less than 20 seconds I am on spotify listening to Hiss Golden Messenger’s album, Lateness of Dancers. First listen through the album is a blur. Despite being nowhere near, I transport to somewhere in the woods down south, cricket noises and all. After the last track Drums, I revert straight to the top for round 2. Equally as captivated through the second listen, I start thinking of what to listen to next. Drums ended again and without using what little brain power I had left in this late Thursday, I run it straight back. I did this several times without flinching. Before I knew, it was Tuesday and I hadn’t showered or went home for the weekend. Most of this is true.

Hiss Golden Messenger is the brainchild of MC (Michael) Taylor. Produced with the help of Scott Hirsch in woods of North Carolina, you could delve deeper into the meaning of the songs and the spirituality of it, but it’s the type of album that deserves a personal experience. My personal experience happened to be an endless loop for several days.