By Ian Bremner

As 2014 comes to close, year-end Top WHATEVER Albums of 2014 Lists (such as THIS!) start popping up. On most of those lists, you will notice Damien Jurado‘s Brothers And Sisters Of The Eternal SunIt is a gorgeous sci-fi “folk” album full of sound layers and biblical references. It’s a concept album about a mythical place known as Maraqopa, based on a dream Jurado had a few years back. It is a sequel of sorts to a previous album, the aforementioned, Maraqopa.

As somewhat of a celebration of the 2014 Damien Jurado has had, he is playing 3 hometown shows at Fremont Abbey (December 10, 11, 12). Jurado has glowed about the acoustics of the Fremont Abbey room and with his legendary local status, they all sold out quickly. Originally, it was only a one night affair, but they kept adding shows as the demand became increasingly apparent. They probably could book a few more shows, but 3 seems to be enough this go around.

Solo or with full band, Jurado’s voice seems to transcend the venue. The Fremont Abbey shows could pass as church for some folks. If you were lucky to get a ticket, perhaps you won’t feel as bad about skipping out on actual church with Grandma on Christmas