By Ian Bremner

One of the truly great bands currently putting out music, Dawesreleased their 4th studio album, All Your Favorite Bands, today on their own label, HUB Records. They had previously released two singles, Right On Time and Things Happen.

Often referred to as “americana soul,” their classic Southern Californian sound has led to comparisons of Crosby, Stills, Nash, Jackson Browne and Paul Simon, but despite having some throwback qualities, Dawes has been pushing forward and is without question, a unique “modern band.”  Songwriting, musicianship, sonic and harmonic sounds are all at the forefront but they are versatile enough to jam with anyone from Conor Oberst, Houndmouth, Jim James, Marcus Mumford (both of New Basement Tapes)John McCauley (Middle Brother) & Norah Jones and Mavis Staples.

As a renowned live band, All Your Favorite Bands undoubtedly has more of a live feel. Having previously recorded in their home base of Los Angeles and in the mountains of North Carolina, this time the band saddled up in Nashville for a few weeks to take up shop in the same studio that has housed legends like Willie Nelson and Elton John. Actually, Willie Nelson and Elton John are pretty great bookends for the sonic scope of Dawes.

Dawes-AYFB-LOWWhat else to expect from All Your Favorite Bands can be explained by singing/songwriting front man Taylor Goldsmith: “The main line of the title track is ‘And may all your favorite bands stay together.’ I know that my favorite bands are a really deep part of who I am. They help define me, they help represent me, they trigger certain emotional memories, and they stand for the ideals and lifestyle that I will always hope to achieve. And I don’t mean rock and roll fantasies, but rather concepts like freedom and enlightenment. I would love for someone wishing me well to put it in the terms of ‘may all your favorite bands stay together.’ That would be a real friend. That person would know what truly matters. To me, the statement of All Your Favorite Bands immediately gets down to a highly personal and singular part of anybody in a way that few other concepts can. So that’s why we named our record after that song.”

Track listing for All Your Favorite Bands

1. Things Happen
2. Somewhere Along the Way
3. Don’t Send Me Away
4. All Your Favorite Bands
5. I Can’t Think About It Now
6. To Be Completely Honest
7. Waiting For Your Call
8. Right on Time
9. Now That It’s Too Late, Maria

Listen to the album on Spotify

Official Video for lead single, Things Happen

Right On Time