By Ian Bremner

It takes some incredible musicianship to pull off what Ryley Walker does. He manages to play his classic fingerpicking guitar over jazz piano and the outcome is not too busy. Growing up in Chicago, his jazz roots are also highly noticeable. Imagine John Fahey, but with vocals and a piano.

Walker’s new album Primrose Green is is a nice soundtrack for walking along a breezy sidewalk with sun-lit leaves waving in the peripherals. Not that its vibe is seasonal. You could easily substitute “sun-lit” with “snow-covered,” but that is less fun to think about this time of year. It is a  versatile record to the point where you can listen to it as background music in a coffee shop OR you could stop by an Amsterdam “coffee shop” on your way to go get lost in the woods. Come to think of it, “Primrose Green” would also be a nice name for a pot shop. Strain hunters, get on it!

Ryley Walker takes his tour to the West Coast, playing Seattle, Portland and a couple California dates this week.

June 8th at Barboza
Seattle, Washington

Listen to full album, Primrose Green via Spotify

Primrose Green live in Amsterdam

Summer Dress from his KEXP Session