By Ian Bremner

Towards the end of May, Unknown Mortal Orchestra released their 4th full-length and funky album, Multi-Love. It would be near impossible if you haven’t heard from them since then. The name alone is hard to ignore-UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA, but you have seen their name on festival bills, tour schedules and record shop window displays (pictured: Sonic Boom in Ballard, Seattle)unnamed[1]

Frontman and multi-instrumentalist Ruban Nielson is at the forefront, and the UMO sound is the highlight, but this record features new ideas with a newborn love of synthesizers to add a funkier, trippier element.

The whole album flows easily, but the highlights are the opening title track, Multi-Love and the 2nd single, Can’t Keep Checking My Phone.


Listen to Can’t Keep Checking My Phone via soundcloud

Watch the official video for Multi-Love

Listen to Multi-Love in Full via Spotify