By Ian Bremner

David Bowie turned 69(!) and released his 28(!) album today. You question how is a 69 year old this cool and this good? Then you realize it’s David fucking BOWIE.

After all of the chapters of David Bowie’s career, he has managed to tap into something entirely new… again. Blackstar is a jazzy/hiphop-beat infused record with strings, sexy saxophone and electronic synths with Bowie creepily singing over top. It is somewhere no one else has gone yet, but again, we’re talking David Bowie here.

Whether its Labyrinth or Ziggy Stardust, he has always been in his own world. A world constantly in motion granted, but somehow he is still able to capture that world in sonic form. Blackstar is a 7 track, 41 minute adventure that has you hanging on to every word, every note, wondering where its going and where you are, all willingly, of course.

The two accompanying videos from Blackstar are as creepy as you can get, but the creepy factor only draws you in even more. The full album is below.



Full album stream via Spotify