By Ian Bremner

Natural Child is no frills rock n roll. The new album is titled Okey Dokey, and as the name suggests, Natural Child do not take themselves too seriously other than make rock n roll records and travel the country playing rock n roll tunes…. rock n roll.

Okey Dokey is not as simple as it sounds though. The record has a barroom groove, southern riffs and a chill tempo with chuckle-worthy, if not very real lyrics. They can sing about anything and it sounds natural. The rockers from Nashville can make a non-paranoid song about the TSA and government watching us jerk off, “working from home” eating breakfast in bed, playing with our cat or being too broke to afford transcendental mediation.

It’s all rock n roll. Catch Natural Child at the Tractor Tavern 10.4

Listen to Okey Dokey via spotify

Watch Out In The Country From a Roll & Grady session in 2013