By Ian Bremner

It seems like just yesterday, The Growler’s released a truly great album, Chinese Fountain but that was 2 years ago and the Growlers do not sit still. Now signed to Julian Casablanca’s label, Cult Records, their 6th full length record, City Club is seeing the light. The group is cool in an old school rock n roll sense. They don’t do a ton of promo or explanations of any kind. They simply announce a new record, go on tour and put out said record rather quickly.

Microphone wielding front man, Brooks Nielson has one of rock’s most distinguishable voices which gives him the rare ability to make any song sound like a Growlers song. For City Club, they turn up the production to give it more a clubby feel. Synths and rhythmic drums make it much more a danceable record than their previous chilled out, down-home “beach-goth” records, but equally as listenable. There’s still plenty of tripped out guitar for the true heads.

Listen to City Club via spotify