Thundercat is an absolute anomaly. His third album, Drunk is a continuation of the trippy jazz fusion he has come to make a name for, but it delves even deeper into a space unknown. A man known for his collaborations with Flying Lotus and Kendrick Lamar‘s To Pimp A Butterfly, Thundercat’s talent and ear allow him to call up legends like Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins to sing on a track and it is in no way out of place. A record with a Kenny Loggins track followed by a Kendrick verse has never sounded so seamless, nor will that statement ever sound normal.

Drunk is filled with 2 minute sketches of songs, interludes, and full songs, all giving a glimpse into his entirely unique world. Lyrics include Nintendo references, blowing money on anime in Tokyo, beating his meat and getting sick off eating too much fish, but they never override the genuine musical feels of the record or even, “too much information.” You can simply brush them off and be thankful for the permission to escape, albeit briefly into Thundercat’s brain. The themes are unapologetic-ally funny, dry, sometimes absurd, but sung so smoothly with a buttery falsetto and thick bass lines, it’s damn near impossible to NOT drink it all up to intoxication.

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