By Ian Bremner

On a near-universal level, the biggest fear of any artist is to be put into a box with labels that may or not be accurate to the music, but undoubtedly put preconceived notions into the heads of potential listeners. For All Them Witches, this fear could be fairly more prevalent than most bands, OR they may not care one bit. They are a band who is incredibly hard to label. You can’t necessarily call them a “Nashville Band” because only one member of the group actually calls the city in which they met and formed, still home. You can’t call them a “Southern Rock” band because that brings to mind the likes of Tom Petty or Lynyrd Skynyrd, when really, they are closer in line to the Melvins or other noise-rock bands. You could call them “blues” or “punk” or “metal” but none of those really feel right either.

Another reason deciphering what to call All Them Witches is difficult, is each record they release has its entirely own spin on their sound. Their fifth record, Sleeping Through The War adds new layers to their heavy rock n roll by shedding the noise. There is more space, more room to breath and less guitar solos. Yet still intact, is the sludgy blues-based rhythms and heart-pounding grooves. 

All Them Witches is a highway experienced, American rock n roll band in its essence. Touches of grunge, sprinkles of southern blues with Nashville roots, made them the perfect band for superstar producer Dave Cobb to get involved with. Cobb has to be the most popular producer in the country, certainly in Nashville after his recent hot streak of Sturgill Simpson, Jason Isbell and Chris Stapleton records. It was Cobb who in fact, wanted to work with All Them Witches. He saw a uniqueness to them that is accurately described as “refreshing.” Certainly not all bands can pull off what All Them Witches are doing right now.

Sleeping Through The War is a hard hitting, yet very easily digestible blues/not blues, punk/not punk record that sounds like the new Nashville…but not.

Listen to Sleeping Through The War