By Ian Bremner

Because she has toured in Jenny Lewis‘ band and has a similar sharp-witted sound, comparisons will inevitably be made. Her voice and delivery do sometimes remind you of Jenny Lewis, but Tristen’s worldview is entirely her own and that is what jumps out most about her new record, Sneaker Waves. Her 3rd solo record is vocally sweet, lyrically cutting and sonically technicolor.

Sneaker Waves is a fantastic retro-pop record with bursts of folk, synths and psychedelia throughout. Tristen is a writer and poet at heart. She has a book of her poetry to her name, Saturnine and you can easily tell why. Tristen’s beautiful vocals are at the forefront the entire time but if you listen deep enough, the lyrics will make you laugh or sheepishly cringe at the honesty of it.

The music is wavy and it’s easy to lose yourself in it. Lyrical nuggets pop in and out of a proper listening session. Like on the 8th track, Psychic Vampires where she sings in complete deadpan, “The day isn’t complete without a cruel subtweet” or “she’s a vinegar aethiest, full of hatefulness who says sorry with her money, sorry with her money.”

Each song has a life of its own, and Tristen manages to invite the listener into her world one thought at a time.

Listen to Sneaker Waves in full via spotify

Glass Jar official video

Got Some official video

Psychic Vampires live for Acme Radio in Nashville