By Ian Bremner

A lot of records come with the talking points about being “personal” or “vulnerable” but Lilly Hiatt’s new album, Trinity Lane, sort of epitomizes both of those adjectives. You know that she’s thinking of an old love while getting her car worked on in Franklin, Tennessee, she’s studied the Kinks AND the Krooks, you know how she was feeling on the night David Bowie died, hell, you even know what street she lives on in Nashville. She doesn’t shy away from anything and seems to relish in the purest form of honesty.

Lilly Hiatt beautifully blends her southern accented country vibes with a grit most associated with northwest grunge. Trinity Lane is her 3rd record, 1st on New West Records, and was recorded by Michael Trent of Shovels & Rope (and label mate) in their home state of South Carolina. Trent shares vocals on a couple of tracks in the middle of record recalling similarities to his own band.

Most folks will recognize her last name. Being the daughter of John Hiatt, songwriting is certainly in her bloodline and the two share a deep bond over music. Having someone like John Hiatt in your corner when it comes to lyric and stylistic advice surely has it’s benefits, but Lilly is her own woman, her own artist, and it truly shows on Trinity Lane. When she sings, “I gave you everything, everything I had,” with gospel singers backing up her claims, it’s because she has.

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The Night David Bowie Died official video

Trinity Lane official video