By Ian Bremner

One August day, 41 years ago, Neil Young recorded an entire album of acoustic gold in the form of Hitchiker. Though most of the songs have been performed in some rendition by Neil over the years either live or on records in other forms, the album never saw the light of day as an official release, until now.

Proving the “It’s never too late” adage, Hitchiker has been given the proper treatment as a complete piece of art. It has been unearthed from 1976 and it stacks up along with Young’s best work from that era. It’s voice and guitar simplicity would have fit right in with his discography next to On The Beach, Zuma and Long May You Run.

Never short on material, perhaps it was just passed over. Regardless of the reason for being buried in the vault, fans of Young’s early work were gifted Hitchhiker, now, in 2017, and grateful for it.

Listen to Hitchiker via spotify