By Ian Bremner

The now trans-continental project from Jeffrey Silverstein and Justin Wilcox, Nassau just released their first full length LP, Heron, on Fire Talk Records. Just as the record was on verge of release, Silverstein relocated to Portland, Oregon while Wilcox remains in Brooklyn as a newly married man. It remains to be seen what the future may hold for the spacy indie project, but for the time being, Heron itself deserves all the attention.

Heron builds off the unique soundscapes that made their debut EP, Hoss, so pleasantly soothing. Heron gives the group a boost of energy and new sounds. The first single, Risin’ Sun, perhaps most represents what the album feels like, but just as you think you start to figure out Nassau, they change direction. The changes are subtle and never completely throw you off balance, but each song delivers on a new surprise.

There is a distinct pace to the record. They take their time easing into things. Track 3, Champagne, is where the tempo and volume start to pick up a bit with some echoey blues riffs. Acoustic and electric guitars flutter throughout over simple drum beats, while Wilcox’s vocals pop in and out.

At 30 minutes long, Heron could easily be played back to back and you could pick up new twists each time around.

Listen to Heron via spotify