By Ian Bremner

In a town like Nashville, it can be difficult to stand out amongst a sea of talented, driven songwriters. There are a lot of factors, of course, but one absolutely necessary characteristic is worth ethic, and Becca Mancari embodies that. Her new album, Good Woman has to be a personal triumph. She has spent the last several years working on music and playing shows in and around time to anyone who would listen. People are listening.

Bermuda Triangle

Her new side project, Bermuda Triangle, features Alabama Shakes’ Brittany Howard and has been getting some airplay in recent weeks. Her friendship with Howard may initially help put more eyes and ears on Mancari’s own work, but her solo record stands on it’s own entirely and deserves equal, if not more attention.

Good Woman delivers on everything you’d want from a solo debut. Intricate songwriting, guitar solos, slow ballads like Golden and Good Woman, and feel-good tunes like Waiting So Long and Summertime Mama.

Becca Mancari will be busy on tour with Bermuda Triangle for the time being, but will be heading out to road-test her new record in the coming year.

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Watch official video for Summertime Mama

Watch official video for Golden