Photo by Rachel Bennett (@rbennettphotography)

By Ian Bremner

Fresh off the release of Curtis Harding’s 2nd album, Face Your Fear, his growing popularity was evident by the amount of folks outside Ballard’s Sunset Tavern looking for tickets.

Like his music, Harding’s stage presence rotates from garage rock n roller to bonafide soul man. He is confident, funny and totally at ease. In between sprays of olive oil throat spray to keep that voice buttered up, he explained his love for Seattle and utter amazement at our level of willingness to deal with the endless rain.

Tracks from his cult classic, Soul Power were sprinkled into the set filled with tunes from the record. The Sunset and it’s blue disco ball added to the intimate appeal of the show. It’s safe to say he’ll be playing much bigger rooms in town from now on.

All photos by Rachel Bennett (@rbennettphotography)

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