By Ian Bremner

One time backup singer for Cee Lo Green, part time collaborator with the Black Lips and full time songwriter, Curtis Harding is about as versatile as he sounds. He’s seemingly the perfect walking and singing representation of his hometown Atlanta, Georgia. A city known for its eclectic mix of gospel, soul, and garage punk rock, Harding sounds comfortable singing whatever he god damn pleases.

His debut solo album, SOUL POWER, was conceived as he was working as a group called Night Sun, with Black Lips’ Cole Alexander, Joe Bradley and Night Beats’ Danny Lee. An album is expected to be released sometime next year on Burger Records, but during the session, the California record label and Harding seemed to have hit it off well enough to release SOUL POWER under the label earlier this year. Harding can stand alongside his vintage soul counterparts, but has more rock n roll cred to his name. An RnB singer with garage rock beats is pretty much all you can ask for as a person with ears.

Lead Single, Keep On Shining is a classic soul number and only official music video, but listen to the full album for maximum flavor (Curtis Harding via Spotify)


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SOUL POWER via Spotify: