By Colin Dierckins

Finding new music can be a time-consuming endeavor. In fact, sometimes it can be damn near impossible to find “who’s next” in an ocean of bullshit.  Luckily, good music always cuts through and has a way of finding its way into the ether of people who appreciate it. This year’s list of artists-to-watch serves as great example of why R&B/Soul is in good hands for year’s to come. All of these artists are incredible in their own right, but what’s striking is the age of the majority of the list; coming in under the age of 30.

Without getting on a Costco-sized soapbox to rant, it’s hard to describe 2017 as anything other than hateful. Luckily, the music of these artists is filled with stories of love and perseverance. The talent on this list is inspiring and deserves your attention, especially when these artist (hopefully) start touring and come to your city. S/O to each one of them for showing the the future of music and humanity is bright, even if everything else in the world is telling us different.


Playlist curated by Colin Dierckins

Note: Colin’s 2017 Playlist included breakout stars like Daniel Cesar, Khalid, Klangstoff, LEISURE, Charlotte Day Wilson, Dave B and Tom Misch