By Ian Bremner

Having never met an a real-life alien, you have to go on a lot of assumptions made up of potentially very inaccurate stereotypes, but HOLY‘s new record, All These Worlds Are Yours, sounds like it could have been conceived beyond the limits of Earth.

In actuality, it was recorded in Stockholm, Sweden, the adopted hometown of Hannes Ferm aka HOLY. All These Worlds Are Yours marks the 2nd album from Ferm, and his first since 2015’s Stabs. What makes his new material stand out is the secrecy and personality of it’s unique vibe. The atmospheric landscape is highly energetic, reminding your ears of a punkier Tame Impala or Foxygen, but it’s clear Ferm takes a few cues from 1970’s era David Bowie as well; the androgynous alien himself.

At its core, All These Worlds Are Yours is a pop record, but experimentation runs rampant and there are industrial garage flavors sprinkled ON and within it all.

All These Worlds Are Yours is out January 26th on PNKSLM

Listen to All These Worlds Are Yours via spotify