By Ian Bremner

There are certainly copious amounts of irony in a blog post about this new Ron Gallo EP, but even so, it deserves to be talked about. Really Nice Guys is 8 “tracks” that are more like blended music/comedy/conversation sketches.

The opening track Rough Mix, is a literally-titled, rough mix of a potential new song. Gallo sings about not having enough lyrics and how he spent 12 hours on a new song with only the rough mix to show for it. The song fades into a version with “full production,” but really, it’s Gallo and gang experimenting with corny saxophones and auto-tune before finally giving up and ending the song as a “mix.” The “song” sets the tone for the rest of the EP.

Gallo’s mother’s boyfriend, Jerry makes several unannounced cameos throughout the record. East Nashville Kroger Conversation, is exactly what it sounds like, but there are definitely a couple of complete workings. like the title-track, Really Nice Guys and the instrumental, Youtubular, but even they provide a social commentary on the clusterfuck of the music industry, media and perhaps the Nashville social scene. It is clear Ron Gallo and band do not take themselves too seriously and that is unquestionably a part of the charm of Really Nice Guys.

As jokey and opinionated as Really Nice Guys is, Ron Gallo is interesting enough to make it worth the listen and laugh along with him.

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