By Ian Bremner

Oakland DIY legends, Shannon & The Clams have been steadily churning out classic 60’s pop tunes since their 2009 record, I Wanna Go Home. Long before vintage sounding rock n’ roll became cool again, frontwoman Shannon Shaw and company have been the edgy outsiders constantly knocking on the door of notoriety. The bay area band have taken the old-school route to music industry success, which is touring your ass off, playing shows to any and everyone and consistently release jewels of new music.

The most recent jewel is their newest record, Onion, out on Dan Auerbach’s relatively new label, Easy Eye Sound. Shannon and the Clams voyaged down to Auerbach’s Nashville studio to record 13 tracks of psychedelic doo-wop gold. Produced by Auerbach, there is a slightly new shine on the groups typically lo-fi sound, but every ounce of the gritty punk attitude remains at the center.

Listen to Onion via spotify

Watch the official video for The Boy

Watch the official video for Backstreets