By Ian Bremner

It may be “love letter to the South” but even northerners will be able to appreciate the vivid subtleties of Will Stewart’s solo record, County Seat.

An Alabama native, Will Stewart spent years kicking around Nashille playing in bands and any gigs that would allow him. Moving back to Alabama seems to have have spurned a new sense of creativity and confidence. County Seat shares a lot of the classic country themes, like lost loves, drinking too much and hometown nostalgia, yet his voice and outlook gives off a sense of refreshment.

The album was co-produced and recorded by Stewart and Lester Nuby III in Birmingham, Alabama. Steel guitars, pensive lyrics with just enough touches of melancholy humanity make County Seat a good emotional listen whether you’re sittin’ on a porch in Alabama or a bus stop in Detroit.

County Seat is out on Cornelius Chapel Records.

Listen below via spotify