By Ian Bremner

Sometimes the simplest pleasures are best kind, and sometimes all you need is a voice and guitar. Portland songwriter, Faustina Masigat is the latest gem from Mama Bird Recording Co. Masigat’s debut LP comes in the form of a self-titled collection of introspective folks tunes.

In today’s media-crazed world, it takes a lot to hold the attention of people, but Faustina Masigat proves that there is still very much a space for good songs, no matter how spare. On record, the songs feature little else aside from Masigat, her subtle finger plucking and sometimes a faint slide guitar. The album is a personified version of the best coffee shop singer you’ve ever seen. Perhaps it is best enjoyed in the Northwest gloom with a nice warm cup of coffee as well.

Listen to Faustina Masigat via spotify

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