By Ian Bremner

Like the classic troubadour buddies of yesteryear, sometimes the best types of records are ones where three songwriters get in a room and play each other’s songs, take turns singing, playing backup and having an overall fun time.

There have been many great side-project, super-group type bands over the years, but theses modern times are equally deserving. Robert Ellis, Jonny Fritz and Cory Chisel posted up in Chisel’s hometown of Appleton, Wisconsin at his studio and creative space called Refuge Arts Center. Though you can sometimes tell who writes the lyrics for each part, the songs are totally cohesive because the three gentlemen share similar creative energy have tremendous respect for each other. And they like to have fun, that much you can tell very easily.

Fritz and Ellis have been longtime contributors to each other’s work and on tour. They spent months in India making an “Indian Country” which may or may not see the light, but nonetheless, are no strangers to collaboration. Chisel, has quietly been building a creative retreat powerhouse in his home base of Wisconsin and has played with some of the same artists who run in the Fritz/Ellis circle. The three of them certainly know how to pay tribute to songwriters of the past as well as each other.

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Nobody Makes It Out

Western Movies