By Ian Bremner

Few folks are gifted with the ability to make you crack a smile just by being. Jonny Fritz is one of those people. It’s hard to tell if he’s joking or being 100 percent serious, but even he will admit to not entirely knowing most of the time. Formerly known as Jonny Corndawg, he dropped the “Corndawg” in favor of his real surname, Fritz for this very reason. Although his music is “funny,” it is also seriously good country music, albeit, perhaps, “Dad Country.” Jonny Fritz knows his music may suit your dad more than the normally-aged “indie rock” fan but ol’ Jonny surrounds himself with some serious players around Nashville and Los Angeles.

His debut as Jonny Fritz, Dad Country, which is an absolute modern classic, featured the gentlemen of Dawes and Joshua Headley as his backing band. Sweet Creep brings together these same folks in the studio, yet adds the magical wizardry of My Morning Jacket’s Jim James as producer, giving it a more worldly country sound. Getting Jim James and Johnny Fritz in the same room once sounded like a pipe dream, but by god, here it is.

Listen to Aren’t You Thirsty, & I Love Leaving and the full album below.

Aren’t You Thirsty

I Love Leaving

Listen to Sweet Creep in full via spotify