Ty Segall by Jake Hanson

By Ian Bremner

The powerhouse that is Ty Segall came to Seattle’s Neumos with nothing but an acoustic guitar and commanded the crowd of his loyalists. He made no mention of the covers album, Fudge Sandwich, that was released just yesterday, his 5th official release of 2018. Segall let’s his music do the talking, and in some cases, the screaming.

Ty Segall is known for his many iterations, whether it be the acoustic sing-a-longs, thrashing screamers, long jams, or funky cover tunes. Somehow he is able to intertwine all versions of himself in a solo acoustic set and it all flows wonderfully.

All photos by Jake Hanson (@Trulybogus)
Seattle. Neumos. October 27

Shannon Lay

Ty Segall