By Ian Bremner

Despite the acclaim Ty Segall carries at this point in his career, he is about as normal of a dude as possible. Of course, “normal” is relative when you are talking about a man who releases up to 4 albums per year, has 20 or so to his name and is just 31 years old. This very year he has released the 19 track double LP, Freedom’s Goblin, a collab record with White Fence called Joy, another side project record with G00GS, a secret 55 copy cassette-only record Orange Rainbow, an EP, and now the just-for-fun covers record, Fudge Sandwich.

Fudge Sandwich is 11 tracks of unadulterated fun. It was made entirely for himself as Ty Segall the music fan, not necessarily the artist. He selects songs from all over the spectrum to give the Ty Segall treatment to. There is everything from Funkadelic’s Hit It And Quit It, to The DilsClass War. Neil Young’s Loner is perhaps the most fuzzed out screamer of the collection. The renditions are well executed and wonderfully produced, but there is a palpable looseness that pours out over the course of the album that makes it as enjoyable to listen to as it appears to have been making it.

Fudge Sandwich is out via In The Red records. Buy HERE.

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The Dils’ Class War