By Ian Bremner

In a world where artists are constantly fighting for popularity and relevance by being controversial or experimental, there is something delightfully refreshing about a band sticking to the basics and being really, really good at THAT.

Seattle rock band, Sloucher channels the spirit of 90’s indie rock, without ever sounding hallow or overly retro. There are very few bands doing what they are doing right now, and that in of itself is a change of pace in the world of new rock records. In spirit, they use the same ingredients that Elliott Smith, Nirvana and Built to Spill use, but with such a modern quality and youthful energy.

Be True is technically their debut full length LP as a collaborative effort. Sloucher itself has been around for a couple years as the solo project for lead songwriter and front man Jay Clancy. 2016’s release, Certainty, was a 28 minute DIY project that was a favorite of local record stores and Seattle scenesters. With Be True, getting the full record release treatment, it seems like a real launching pad for the group.

The Northwest has always been a special birthplace for indie rock. Yes, it is a total stereotype, but the dark nights and continual rain do force people inside their homes more often, which tends to be a nice place to write music. Saddling up in the garage or basement for days on end to explore new sounds is something the Northwest is certainly accustomed to. Sloucher’s new record, Be True is not necessarily distinctly a “Seattle” record, but its essence comes from a place near and dear to folks in the region. It’s almost as if the songs knew they’d be accompanied by raindrops accumulating on windows or soggy leaves on the sidewalk.

With all of the new age tricks of the trade, there is something so comforting about two guitars, a bass and a drum executed with such precision.

Listen to Be True via spotify