By Ian Bremner

Not all music with steel guitar can immediately be considered country music, as it seems to be making it’s way into a lot more folk and psychedelia. New York songwriter Gary Canino has been releasing music under the moniker Dark Tea over the last couple years that blends those ingredients admirably.

The self-titled Dark Tea features the steel guitar dripped in between 70’s style folk and 90’s songwriter styles. Dark Tea is not country music, but it elicits the same laid-back feelings. As genres become more and more meaningless, assigning feelings feels more appropriate anyhow.

The lead track Rolling Back The Dial sets the soundscape with it’s jaunty tone, mellow strumming and beautiful guitar work featuring Meg Duffy of Hand Habits‘ fame.

Dark Tea is out on Brooklyn label Fire Talk Records NOW

Listen to Dark Tea via spotify

Listen to Rolling Back The Dial featuring Hand Habits