By Ian Bremner

There’s an effortless tone to the way Chris Cohen delivers his singing lines. It’s very conversational and light, even when the topic are not in the slightest. His self-titled, 3rd record, Chris Cohen draws from his previous material, but pulls even more weight. It is literally and figuratively about rubbing your eyes trying to see something that may or may not be there. 

Recorded in Glendale, California, the record is chocked full of admissions, secrets and deeply revealing stories, and yet, all backed with fluttering saxophone and meditative guitar. The songs as a collection possess a therapeutic groove and sunny outlook for a listener, even during some heavy moments. The musicality of the album in full could hide some of the lyrical messaging, but it seems like Cohen prefers it that way. He will let you in, if you so choose to care enough

Chris Cohen is out on Captured Tracks.

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