Kevin Morby - Oh My God

By Ian Bremner

After a string of incredible records, Kevin Morby could have done anything he wanted, musically. His formula is a proven recipe for quality songs of the highest echelon. Instead, he elected for a double LP concept record about God, weather, life and death itself. It’s light on the ears, yet heavy on the soul.

Oh My God, is Kevin Morby’s 5th record. It’s long, cinematic and incredibly literary. Oh My God is a true piece of pop art rock. It is undoubtedly best digested in full. There are wonderful songs to pluck out from it where you can find sheer enjoyment in 4 minutes or less, but the underlying themes, film-like imagery, religious undertones take a while longer to dissect. As any spiritual human can attest, there is no way to fully grasp the concept of God in 49 years, let alone 49 minutes, but that’s not necessarily the intention either. Simply acknowledging the questions that arise by the presence of God, or lack-thereof is what Morby is wondering aloud.

This latest work has been dubbed as “Kevin Morby’s best record yet,” and a “religious record,” and while yes, both of those claims may be true, they do not reflect the reasons why it may be true. Oh My God outlines an artist with an intense attention to detail. From each word, touch of the piano, the photography, music video accompaniment, to the album packaging, every grain is made with a specific, heavenly intention in mind.

2016’s Singing Saw was a breezy, southern Californian affair. Last year’s City Music, was it’s east coast counterpart with poetic interludes and street sounds. Oh My God lives somewhere above and in between. Having relocated back to his home town of Kansas City and touring like a madman, most of Oh My God was written in the sky, in planes, and traveling across the world. The obsession with weather in these new songs comes from sitting above it and wondering what’s below.

The album is never that literal, but you can’t help but think of the wildly famous spirit who may or may not live in the clouds peering down on us all as well.

Oh My God is out now on Dead Oceans

Listen to Oh My God via spotify

There is also a short film of the same title, Oh My God, with music videos for each song. Watch 3 videos (essentially film clips) below.

No Halo

Nothing Sacred / All Things Wild

OMG Rock n Roll