Faye Webster - Atlanta Millionaires Club

By Ian Bremner

The confident and slightly goofy Faye Webster doesn’t fit in any particular corner of the music world. Without mentioning her age (21), Faye Webster is wise beyond her years. Without mentioning where she’s from (Atlanta) her new record is steeped in the roots of country and southern RnB with a heavy dose of pedal steel guitar. These facts are worth noting in a sense if you’re trying to describe her new record, Atlanta Millionaire Club, but also don’t matter really matter at all when it comes to the record itself.

Webster is a creative designer, singer, and yo-yo enthusiast with deep roots in the Atlanta hip hop scene. While a lot of characteristics about her would seem to conflict, she embraces her background and lets that environment shine through her music. Each song takes on a unique personality, bouncing between genres, creating a genre of her own.

Despite a relatively short record, it covers a lot of ground. Throughout the 30-minute run time of Atlanta Millionaires Club, examples of her musical influences are sporadically touched on, but it’s incredibly cohesive. A string-filled love ballad like Jonny can be followed by the jazzy jaunt of Come To Atlanta without blinking an eye. One of the album highlights is a song called Flowers, a hip hop beat laid under a slow drum machine clap featuring Atlanta rapper, Father. The track would come as a surprising outlier for most artists, but not for Faye Webster.

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