By Ian Bremner

Ian Ferguson is the unique blend of rookie and music veteran. He has played in bands like Kingston Springs and has toured with fellow Nashville rocker, Ron Gallo, and played the major festival circuit all without a full LP to his name. Until now, of course.

Ferguson’s debut, State Of Gold is a southern, garage version of something Marc Bolan would cook up. It’s jaunty, upbeat flow feels like a 70’s country record, but the guitar and screeching feedback sounds like it was produced in a laboratory operated by Ty Segall.

There is “DIY” and then there is State of Gold. Ian Ferguson recorded, produced, wrote and played every instrument for the record in his mother’s basement. It turns out mothers’ basements are not only good for video game jokes making fun of anti-social nerds. Sometimes they can be the perfect environment for solitary reflection and music experimenting. The entire record was made from a 1990’s HP computer, burning 16 CDs with stems for each song. It’s a labor of love and that’s exactly what it sounds like.

Listen to State Of Gold via spotify

Photo by Mark Cluney