Whitney - Forever Turned Around

With the success of their debut record, Light Upon The Lake, Whitney is a far cry from two guys “formerly of the Smith Westerns.”  Call them “darlings” if you wish, but the brainchildren of Whitney the band, Julien Ehrlich and Max Kakacek now find themselves at the center of one of indie rock’s most popular bands. Where Light Upon The Lake seemed to have come out of nowhere for a lot of music fans, the new record, Forever Turned Around faces eager anticipation and the looming question of, “can they recreate the magic again?” The short answer is “yes.”

Julien Ehrlich sits behind the drum kit at center stage melting out his now-signature honey soaked vocals. His musical partner Max Kakacek’s country guitar licks blend beautifully with soulful horns sections and emotional string arrangements. Whitney continues to cut out unique corners by their execution and attention to detail. On the surface, Kakacek and Ehrlich can come across as aloof. You wouldn’t know it by looking at them or reading interviews, but the music the Whitney guys create is insanely focused and out worldly pretty.

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