Alex Cameron - Miami Memory

By Ian Bremner

“Business partners” Alex Cameron and saxophonist Roy Molloy are back, baby. Australians are known for their sense of humor, but few artists have the guts, or directly cunning thoughts that Alex Cameron does. No artist is quite doing it like him at the moment, however. Over the 11 songs of his new record Miami Memory, there are plenty of dark admissions, bold proclamations, off the cuff quips and sharp jabs at society, all wrapped up in highly listenable 80’s pop production and sunny acoustic acoustic numbers. 

Alex Cameron has got serious balls, and he lets it all hang out. By the 3rd track, Cameron has already sang about the Stepdad-son dynamic, analingus in Miami and supporting sex workers. In a strict PC culture, Alex Cameron does not subscribe to any of it, which he even admits in the song, PC With Me. Most of the lyrics appear to be sung with a wink, but the story lines and characters in the songs are so blurred with reality that you can never be quite sure where Alex Cameron the singer and Alex Cameron the human separate. 

Masturbation, the #MeToo movement, and Elon Musk are not even ALL of the fun topics to be covered in Alex Cameron songs. If he is not gunning to be the modern king of sleaze, then he is running unintentionally and unopposed. And yet, he is no shock-jock. Miami Memory serves as purposefully pointed commentary on the world in 2019. It may be difficult to take a man in a white tank top undershirt, with died black, slicked back hair shaking his hips to the words of “I got friends in Kansas City with a motherfucking futon couch!” seriously, but if that’s not REAL LIFE, what is?

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