By Ian Bremner

We are to the point in the year when people start to think about their New Year’s Eve plans for the big 2020, so when Julia Jacklin casually mentioned she and her band had been on tour since February, it was quite jarring. This was her 2nd go around in Seattle this year, promoting herself to a larger capacity venue, an extremely sold-out Neumos. As vividly detailed as her songwriting is, you could sense she was starting to get a bit loopy being out on the road for so long as she sometimes struggled to complete her stories between songs. There to support her, the “Julia Jacklin” band was as tour-tested as they get, with perfectly timed guitar solos, drum drops and the perfect volumes to support Jacklin’s supremely smooth vocals.

Julia Jacklin is a rare artist who can absolutely crush you with a slow, sad tune like Good Guy then jolt you back to life with a genuinely fantastic rock n roll scream, like Don’t Know How To Keep Loving You or Pressure To Party. Her voice is so effortlessly buttery and unique. The seemingly endless tour for her excellent LP, Crushing, is nearing the end as the seemed excited to be back home in Sydney for the holidays. It is there in Australia, where she will have to answer to distant relatives suggesting she try out for the Idol, or X-Factor, but no matter how difficult it will prove to bite her tongue, she deserves to sit back and relish in a job well done.

Listen to Crushing out on Polyvinyl

All photos by Jake Hanson (@Trulybogus)
Seattle. Neumos. November 21, 2019

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Julia Jacklin