Julia Jacklin - Crushing

By Ian Bremner

Right from the very start of album, Julia Jacklin is no mood to hold back. The opening track, Body, details the end of a relationship right on the tarmac at an airport involving police and foiled vacation. Getting caught smoking in the lavatory is not as attractive as it once was perhaps. It’s an intensely intimate story and clearly stages the tone for the rest of the new record, Crushing.

Crushing, builds off some of the styles of Jacklin’s debut album, Don’t Let The Kids Win, with a bit less grunge, and bit more insight. The songwriting themes have taken on new clarity and inward thinking of a young woman trying to make sense of life not only as a musician, but life itself. No matter who you are, body image, gender roles in relationships and pressure to party are not easy subjects to tackle in real life, let alone in the form of 3 minute songs, yet Jacklin navigates the weight of these topics poetically and beautifully. Honesty is sometimes the best medicine, especially when so many of us are battling the thoughts.

Even when the sentiments of the songs are not necessarily new thoughts, Jacklin finds a way to breath new emotion into them and a truly crushing perspective. You can feel the dejection in Jacklin’s voice when she sings, “Tell me I’m the love of your life // just for a night // even if you don’t mean it // I don’t care for the truth when I’m lonely // I don’t care if you lie // breath in, breath out // you’re still a good guy.”

Crushing is truly that. It’s a new and heartfelt glimpse into an incredibly talented songwriter.

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