At least here in the northwest, the thought of driving through the sunny countryside seems distant and laughable. Any sun at all, frankly, is the true laughing matter. Fortunately certain sounds can transport you directly to big sky country. Houston trio Khruangbin and Dallas-area soul singer Leon Bridges connected on a Texas Team-up of made dreams on their 4-track EP Texas Sun.

Khruangbin usually stays in the rhythmic, bass and guitar instrumental scope, where vocals almost seem unnecessary, but including Leon Bridges to any song is typically a good idea. His smooth croon fits into vintage soul, modern pop and everything outside and in between. Khruangbins’s Laura Lee’s steady bass, Mark Speer’s trustworthy guitar and Donald Johnson‘s drum pocket supply the utmost perfect backdrop to Bridges confident country delivery. Texas Sun pulls from all of the sonic corners Khruangbin and Leon Bridges do best, but they pull in a bit more southern Rnb sounds than their respective solo work, paying true homage to their proud home state.

Texas is home to some of history’s best country singers, rappers, and soul groups. Bridges and Khruangbin recognize the weight of carrying that torch by showing us THEIR Texas. For folks stuck elsewhere for the winter, be grateful for a seat in the truck.

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