By Ian Bremner

Have you sold the world itself? How good is the virtual sex? Are you high right now? Do your dreams have commercials? These are all questions Jeremy Ivey asks right out of the gate on the first track, Tomorrow People. It’s hard to label, Waiting Out The Storm as a doomsday record when it is all already true in the modern day.

Jeremy Ivey sings in complete deadpan in a rock n roll cadence like Tom Petty but his lines are subtle, sharp daggers into our country’s collective conscious. No topic, NO TOPIC is off limits over the course of 10 impeccably structured songs. Clearly a fan of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, Ivey manages to carve out his own voice entirely with fearless observation on our rather failed society.

Just his 2nd record, Ivey possesses the confidence of a music lifer, because he has been, behind the scenes, until recently. Waiting Out The Storm was produced by wife and co-writer Margo Price. They two have built such a creative force over the years and it’s so satisfying to see Jeremy Ivey take his turn at the podium. He has a lot to say worth hearing.

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