Deep Sea Diver - Impossible Weight

Jessica Dobson is the type of artist whose easy to root for. She’s played in large touring bands, like Beck and The Shins, but she possesses a local DIY sensibility that is so distinct, you feel like you know her. She’s often seen at shows and record stores around Seattle as a fan and if you didn’t know she’s the creative force behind increasingly popular indie rock n roll group Deep Sea Diver, you wouldn’t necessarily guess it.

Deep Sea Diver’s 3rd record, Impossible Weight is an incredibly bold step towards adding her own name to the short list of indie rock luminaries above. Each Deep Sea Diver record has been a step in this direction, but Impossible Weight leans on Dobson’s voice and guitar sound in new ways. The album packs extreme punch in the production and can get quite loud at times which adds to the joy and arc of emotion throughout.

Impossible Weight is out now on High Beam records, via ATO records. Buy ->

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