By Ian Bremner

New duo Max & Nico released their first batch of tunes in a gorgeously groovy EP, Down In A Decade. Max Olson and Nicolai Wallace have been friends and collaborators for the better part of 15 years. Growing up outside of Seattle making music on Bainbridge Island, the two now find themselves in different cities balancing personal schedules and new career directions. The methods have changed in recent years, but the songs continue to form.

Ever the perfectionists, getting to the point of releasing music at all is taking a considerable leap. The results are worth the jump. There is a noticeably nostalgic feeling to all three songs. When You Tell Me Something breaks down into a heavy bassline like something out of an early My Morning Jacket track, before slowing down into lovely pedal steel guitar. Steve Christensen who works closely with Khruangbin, mixed the EP and guided Max and Nicolai toward creating a sound both of them feel confident re-emerging with.

The cover art depicts a sunny car ride through the mountains and open roads, which is a lot like listening to Down In A Decade. Somewhere, 15 years of similar sounds exist waiting to be let out on to the road.

Listen to Down In A Decade below