By Ian Bremner

Great artists find ways to invite you into their part of the world in different ways. Ron Gallo lays his all out directly and indirectly. Gallo sites Iggy Pop and Tyler The Creator as his musical misfit icons, and it’s apparent why he sees himself as a kindred spirit. His new record PEACEMEAL, an extremely on-the-nose title, quite literally patches together aspects of Ron Gallo the artist as time stands now in early 2021.

Over the course of 12 tracks, Gallo treats his record as a pallet for serving up different dishes and sides of his musical stylings. Where his early records, like HEAVY META were guitar-driven punk/garage rock, PEACEMEAL offers lo-fi pop, jazzy, sing-a-long, slam potery, hip hop styled ad-libs and conversations to himself and to whoever may be listening.

Ron Gallo confronts existentialism and the absurdity of human life head-on. His deadpan lyrics always contain a hint of tongue-in-cheek surrealism. On PEACEMEAL he finds new ways to explain himself and invite you into his world, as long as your willing to think along with him.

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