By Ian Bremner

Longtime troubadour Steve Poltz writes songs with a twinkle in his eye. You never quite know if the story he’s singing about is 100% true, but it doesn’t matter. The way he lives his life, the craziest parts of his songs could absolutely have happened. He is an inspiration is this way. He absorbs details of daily occurrences and spins them into a web of humor, wit and sharp assessments.

Poltz’s 14th record, Stardust & Satellites is wonderful collection of tunes about friendship, baseball, and the conveyor belt of life that will undoubtedly add plenty of new fodder for conversation starters at his live shows. Poltz on stage is an experience unto itself. He will tell you his age (he’s 62) but you won’t believe it. Few people on the planet can match the energy of Steve Poltz with a guitar and a microphone. Hell, he doesn’t even need the microphone half of the time. Poltz will take you along for a 12 minute diatribe of a story that may not immediately sound relevant to the song he is introducing, but it always comes around. He openly hawks his own merch on stage with genuine excitement. He walks the high-wire of chaos, but has the audience right in his hand.

You never know what you’re going to hear at a Steve Poltz show and the same goes for his records. On each listen of Stardust & Satellites, new anecdotes stand out. Poltz has lived a lot of life in his 62 years. Can’t wait to see and hear what the next 62 bring.

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