By Ian Bremner

When it comes to long-teased, previously shelved Neil Young records, there is no such thing as stale toast. His latest archival release stems back to 2001 with the Crazy Horse record, Toast. Two of the songs have already seen the light of day on 2002’s Are You Passionate? a record produced by Booker T & the MGs. Though that release contains some good songs, it is not widely considered Neil’s best work. Toast was set aside with the explanation that it was “too sad” which seems an unlikely excuse for someone like Neil who certainly has his fair share of sad songs and is never one to give into listener expectations. Nonetheless, here in 2022, Toast pops out of the oven with timeless rock n roll with some jazzy elements. As usual in the case of Crazy Horse, the standouts are tracks with the longest run time, like Goin Home and Boom Boom Boom.

With his friendly(?) counterparts Crosby, Stills, Nash returning to Spotify, signaling the end of their Joe Rogan/vaccine boycott, Neil’s remains off the platform and firmly in his own world. Days like this, Neil Young release days, make it worth it to pay for both spotify and Apple Music.