By Ian Bremner

Instead of building off the psychedelic country path she had been creating, Kassi Valazza decided to pick and choose her moments more carefully. There’s a mystic, British folk element to her new record, Kassi Valazza Knows Nothing. As her 2nd full length, it feels like a gutsy move that pays off in tenfold. Though it is warm and “country” enough to be a a pleasant experience as background music on a sunny porch, it hits on whole new levels with attentive listening. It’s unhurried. Peaceful. Sharp. Soul bearing. Really wonderful.

Kassi Valazza Knows Nothing is an intentional record with no wasted notes. It toys with complicated emotions in the way she knows how, by letting it out. There are still moments of rock n roll band, like on the stretched out crazy horse-ish track Watching The Planes Go By featuring fellow Portland rockers TK & The Know Nothings. The record title pays homage to the band who recorded it all live after never had hearing the songs before. The band’s tightness is obvious, but instead of fully going for it as they do on their own records, they let the songs themselves do most of the work.

The title may also point to the existential questioning of the lyrical content. There is a wisdom to the way Valazza delivers her thoughts, with a healthy dose of uncertainty. Listening Kassi Valazza Knows Nothing feels like watching tall grass sway in the wind, both in mood and setting. You can get lost in your own thoughts or simply soak it all in understanding that none of us really know anything.

Listen/Buy to Kassi Valazza Knows Nothing out now on Fluff & Gravy Records