By Ian Bremner

If you’ve ever seen Robert Ellis live, you might have left thinking he’s one of the most singularly talented people around. Known for his songwriting, band leading, fashion flair and guitar playing, his last record Texas Piano Man allowed him to flex all of it. It was an extravagant, full party bar band, tongue-in-cheek at times and a ton of fun. A lot has happened since the Texas Piano Man days. He left his label, built out a studio near his home in Texas, started his own label and decided to own the entire creative process in doing so.

His latest effort, Yesterday’s News is none of that. It’s mellow, acoustic, reflective and serious in tone. It’s one of the greatest things he’s done. Yesterday’s News is his first LP to his name for his label Niles City Sound, named after the studio itself. It’s a suite of songs born out of clarity and isolation. The title track, Yesterday’s News, is an all-time stunner. The soft plucks from a stand up bass and classic guitar lick instantly transport you to a time long ago. There are songs to his son, hushed musings from the highway, finger plucking instrumentals and introspections about his place in space and time.

Robert Ellis’ artistic phases seem to live side by side to his life’s stages. Yesterday’s News is record stripped of everything relating to music industry, and is simply for the love of the music itself. It feels and sounds like a refreshing place to live.

Listen/Buy Yesterdays’ News out now on Niles City Sound