By Ian Bremner

The fact that JEFF The Brotherhood was dropped from Warner Brothers recording right before the release of their supposed “major label debut” was probably not a surprise if afforded the ability to look back. The pairing seemed odd to begin with, seeing as the Nashville brothers already own a record label called, Infinity Cat RecordsThe brothers, Jake and Jamin Orrall hinted at some music industry bullshit conflict during their KEXP session a few months back.

They released the following relief letter:

“Hello friends and fans and family and hello people of the press and people of the industry!

We, JEFF The Brotherhood, are SO FUCKING PLEASED to announce that we have been DROPPED from the clutches of the demented vulture that is Warner Bros! We feel as though a heavy weight has been lifted from our shoulders, and could not be more excited.

As for our album, “Wasted on the Dream”, it is finally coming out March 24th on Infinity Cat Recordings – our spiritual, as well as literal home.JEFF-Jo-Mccaughey-06

It was a very strange experience working with WBR. Luckily, we help to run an indie label that has its shit together more than the big guys, and the announcement comes today from Infinity Cat. The records are pressed, and we are poised and ready!

It’s true what you’ve heard, the era of the major label is over, we have seen it first hand. Upwards and onwards!

-JEFF The Brotherhood”

Though no longer a wide release, Wasted On The Dream, should see its listeners widen. The DIY blues/punk duo previously had expanded their band and sound with an additional guitar and bass player. Wasted on The Dream takes that sound and expands even more. It has more pop flavor that will induce Weezer comparisons, but for good reason. Ian Anderson of THE Jethro Tull even adds a killer flute solo to the second track and first single, Coat Check Girl. That is not the only radio-friendly power-pop-punk jam either. JEFF The Brotherhood have built on their acidic 70’s rock and added some serious stadium sizzle.

Listen to the full album on Spotify

3 Track sampler from Wasted On The Dream 

Video of Melting Place off Wasted On The Dream